Sonntag, 19. März 2017

Previewing the new Shift:R collection

At NAHBS 2017 we were preannouncing the new Shift:R generation for dropbar and Pinion, the Shift:R Road and Shift:R for Pinion.

The Shift:R for Road is the fully integrated shifting lever which brakes with the TRP Hydro hydraulic disc brake and shifts the Rohloff gear hub. This Shift:R Road is great for adventure and bike touring as it combines the versatility of a dop bar and convenience of the Rohloff hub and the Gates Carbon Drive belt.

The availability is expected in Q2/2017.
tout terrain 5th Avenue expedition tourer with Rohloff gear hub and Shift:R Road

Shift:R Road (prototoype)
The Shift:R for Pinion is the latest add-on to our Shift:R product line. It allows to shift two gears at a time with a really precise and crisp feeling. The shifting mechanism is in the beautiful CNC direct mount housing, which also includes also the angular adjustment of the shifting cables. The Shift:R for Pinion is only available for the new C-Line.

The availability is expected in 3Q 2017.
Shift:R for Pinion (prototype)

the "intelligence" of the Shift:R in our custom CNC housing (prototype)

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